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We are all connected

At the Humane Society, we work to build better communities for animal and human alike - we do so by working to prevent cruelty to animals with the help of businesses and community organizations including the Juvenile Detention Center and the Women's Community. We work to raise awareness about the link between animal abuse and other forms of violence in order to prevent abuse in any form.

Why? Because there is a link between how a society treats its animals and how those same people treat one another. Current researchers call it - The Link. Cruelty to animals is often an indicator of other forms of abuse - the perpetrator has often either been the victim of abuse, is abusing others or a combination of both. Cruelty to animals is often a "red flag" for other antisocial behaviors.

Our mission is to promote the humane treatment of all living creatures. We accomplish this by providing

  • The resources to assist you in reporting animal abuse and cruelty
  • Pet counseling for problem behaviors
  • Dog training classes to help the pet/adopted dog bond  
  • Educational outreach programs that promote humane treatment of living beings
  • Community events, in league with area organizations and businesses, that raise awareness about human and animal abuse

Abuse - in any form and inflicted upon any victim - is abuse. Together, we can build a better community. Stop abuse. Be humane.


The Humane Society of Marathon County, Inc. (HSMC) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.