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Success Stories


Pet owners have plenty of tails to tell. Like any good parent, pet owners have faced their share of challenges and experienced great joy. See what a difference people and pets make in one another's life. And share your own stories.

Sophie giving Eben a run for his money!
...HSMC remembers her ar Sparkle Girl!
Pinky, formerly Bruce, was adopted in June 2011
Adopted in 2008, an update from Bubba!
We can tell that her previous owner took very good care of her.
They've brought so much joy into our lives.
Life is good
Cheese celebrates his one year anniversary!
Thank you so much...
Greetings from Minnesota!
Hello friends at the Humane Society of Marathon County!
Pixie, formerly known as Sadie!
Isn't he the most handsome boy ever?
(aka Mustang adopted in 2009)
Just wanted to send an update on how Libby is doing.
All is well....
Society finches finally home!
Doing great!
She's a snuggler!
...getting into mischief!
Life is good.
Buddy has adjusted wonderfully...
My son & I adopted our AbbyGabby from your shelter...
Bentley living the life....
I am enclosing a picture of Lucy, peviously known as Ginger.
...wanted to drop a few lines to say "thank you"
We love her so much!
All is wonderful in my world!
...and he's doing great!
…I got a bunny for Christmas
A note from Ebony....
Its been two years since Fischer was adopted
Thought we would send some pictures
We want to thank you...
Cheese is loving his new house
Can't imagine life with her.
Hi Everyone!
Somwe fun pictures and Christmas Greetings!
Just wanted to wish the nice folks there a Merry Chritmas.
A holiday note from J.J.
Just a reminder of all the great pets needing adoption...
Formerly Powder and Kristy, these two cats are content at home!
Roxy started off frightened but her personality shone through!
Skylar's living a dog's life!
We adopted Tebow last Spring.
Duke is doing well!
Angel is happy in her home!
More from our beloved Fiddler...
Heidi is doing so well!
Just wanted to say Thanks...
What a successful match!
Charlie thought he'd never find a home, and now....
This is me and the puppy I adopted the week after Christmas in 2009 that you called "Sleepy."
Sydney's doing great!
A note and pictures of Winnie!
Easter "Bunny" caught in the act!
Jaeger and his friends say "hi"
Sparkles keeps busy on yard patrol.
What can I say?
They are getting along just fine!
We all love them very much,
Having these two little ones in the house has been really fun.
Juanita proves to be a winner.
I just wanted to send you a Christmas card...
A real "keeper"
This is a HAPPY NEW YEAR greeting form J.J.
Thanks for taking such good care of us.
Merry Christmas
Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas.
It took him about two seconds...
Zoey and Rosa Dowis enjoying life!
Merry Christmas
Thanks for all you do!
Bear is another lucky HSMC alumnus!
A real success story!
Itty Bitty sends great big wishes!
Booboo the cat sends greetings!
Hi,remember me?:
Maggie May and Co. Christmas photo!
A letter from a February 28, 2007 alumnus!
A best friend for life
A "retired" poodle mix traveling south for the winter.
Sometimes true love comes in a small, scruffy package.
Friend to cats and 16 month olds.
Another happy HSMC alumus!
If it were for first impressions, Cleo would not have been a likely candidiate!